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We are a full-service home computer and business computer sales, maintenance, and repair store

Lorain County's Computer Repair Experts

Metro Computer is one of Lorain County's most experienced computer repair and maintenance stores. If your computer isn't working, bring it in for an evaluation. Our store in Amherst is a quick drive from anywhere in Lorain County. Often we can fix computers without requiring a new computer purchase. We can replace old hard drives with new ones -- bringing new life to your computer. Or, if your wireless networking card fails, we can repair that too and get you re-connected to the internet.

Yes we fix iPhones

iPhone We repair cracked and broken iPhone screens and can repair many other iPhone problems. Many cracked and broken iPhone screens can be repaired within one day. We are able to repair not just the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models, but also iPhone 5, even iPhone 4 models. Bring us your broken iPhone and we will do our best to make it right.

Computer Hard Drive Replacement

Hard drives are a crucial part of your home computer. They store the computer's operating system, computer component drivers, computer programs, and your personal files. Your computer hard drive is one of the most utilized components in your computer system. With all this use comes wear -- and in time, all hard drives will fail. To repair a broken hard drive is costly. It is best to replace a hard drive before it needs to be repaired.

We know that your data is the most valuable part of a computer system. Computer components can be fixed or replaced, but the files you've created and saved cannot be purchased at a store. If your hard drive is starting to show signs of wear, bring it into our store in Amherst and we can help you transfer your files to a new system. We can also help you set up a backup strategy to help keep your files safe.

Computer Components and Peripherals

Modern computers are very demanding on their attached peripherals. In particular, graphics cards are gaining importance in new computer systems. Operating systems might provide a sub-par experience if the computer's graphics are not powerful enough. If you've upgraded your computer's operating system but the computer is not performing as you expected it to, your computer may need a new graphics card.

The Windows® operating system provides a grading system of overall performance and the score your computer receives is the lowest score of any component. This is like the old saying that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. We can fix poor performing computers by running programs to determine what computer component is the weak link. Your computer's performance score rises with each computer component upgrade. And with increased computer performance, your programs launch faster, you can switch between computer programs quicker, and your overall computer experience is smoother and more enjoyable.

Quick Computer Repair for all of Lorain County

We are proud of our excellent reputation in Lorain County as experts at computer repair. Our knowledgeable computer technicians can diagnose problems, repair computers, fix computer components, restore computers to working condition, and bring new life to computers once thought gone for good.

Bring your computer to our office in Amherst for an evaluation to see if we can fix what ails it. Our friendly technical computer staff would be more than happy to assist you in determining how best to repair your computer.