Metro Computer Resources

We are a full-service home computer and business computer sales, maintenance, and repair store

About Metro Computer

Metro Computer Resources has been in business and meeting the computer needs of businesses in Lorain County since 1992. We have installed and maintained:

  • doctor computer systems
  • dentist computer systems
  • law firm computer systems
  • manufacturing computer systems
  • insurance agent computer systems
  • professionals' computer systems
  • home office computers

Computer Consulting Experience in Lorain County

We've grown up with the computer industry. Where once computers were as large as desks, now we carry them around like wallets. What has remained constant throughout this time is the need to create value from computer purchases. You want to get the right computer for the right price. There's no value in getting an underpowered computer that won't meet your needs, nor is there value in being up-sold on options you won't use.

Leverage our years of experience for you. We know what is most valuable to our clients. We receive feedback on computer products and peripherals. We know which computer products come back for repair, and which computer products rarely come back for repair. With one visit to our store you will be reassured that the computer you purchase from us is the right size for your needs and for some time to come.

Lorain County's Computer Service Leader

From our storefront in Amherst, Metro Computer serves Lorain County and their computer needs every business day. We've been based in Lorain County for our entire existence, and we're proud to call Lorain County our home.

Our computer service center has computer diagnostic tools and software to quickly determine failing computer components. Our staff is capable and knowledgeable in the latest computer components. Stop by our office for a visit. We'd be happy to discuss your computer needs and serve you.