Metro Computer Resources

We are a full-service home computer and business computer sales, maintenance, and repair store

Business Computer Consulting

If you're a small or medium-sized business considering a computer solution, Metro Computer can help you assess your computer needs and recommend appropriate computer solutions. Many businesses soon learn that putting a computer on every desktop soon becomes an unmanageable tangle of information and support. They spend too much time trying to get their computers working or figuring out which computer has the latest copy of a file rather than getting work done for their customers.

We have experts in assessing the needs of businesses and a portfolio of satisfied clients whose computing needs are met and maintained by Metro Computer Resources.

Cloud Computing

We are pleased to partner with Stoneware Inc to provide excellent computer availability and centralized computer file access.

We have installed Stoneware cloud computing solutions for businesses in Lorain County with excellent results. Cloud computing provides all the benefits of centralized data access from any internet-connected computer. Furthermore, Stoneware ensures that your data is safe from fire, flood, or other unforeseen disasters. Expansion is easy once the appropriate software is installed.

After Purchase Support

Businesses know that computer support is every bit as important as the computers themselves. Metro Computer offers several support options for its business customers. Our support services and our steadfast commitment to our business clients has earned the trust of many buisnesses in Lorain County. Call Metro Computer today to learn more about business computer solutions.