Metro Computer Resources

We are a full-service home computer and business computer sales, maintenance, and repair store

Custom Built Desktop Computers

Every computer made by every large desktop computer company is created to meet the needs of an average generic person. That average person doesn't exist - except on marketing materials from computer companies that ship computers out by the thousands each day.

Metro Computer, on the other hand, can build a computer that is every bit as powerful and reliable as the name brands, but with one difference: your computer is made especially for you with your unique computing needs in mind.

Purchasing a new computer can be a challenge. If you're not familiar with computer technologies, you might buy more computer than you need or spend your hard earned money on options you'll never use.

Friendly Computer Sales Associates

We want to make your computer purchase pleasant. We are folks you can talk to about your computing needs. We'll explain all the different computer options available to you in terms you're comfortable with.

Once we agree on how best to meet your computer needs, Metro Computer can then build your computer right here in our store in Amherst. When it's ready, we'll telephone you to let you know it's ready to be picked up.